Information for Team Managers

Team Managers play an important in every team, supporting the Coach and players throughout the season. Here's what you need to know:

What does a team manager do? 

Managers are the key point for all communications between players and the coach, and the team and the club. They are a conduit through which information is passed and if players have a question or problem, they should come to the manager first. 

Managers will:  

§  maintain the contact details of all members of the team and communicate game information such as:

      - Game/training times and locations

      - Wet weather procedures and changes to games/training due to rain

       - Special events and activities happening at the club

§  arrange for the team to get their kit at the start of the season

§  ensure the team is full for each game – making arrangements to borrow players from other teams if required (and when permitted as per the rules of the team’s division)

§  fill out match sheets before the game and enter scores after the game, in consultation with the coach. 


It is a requirement under the National Registration Regulations for all Coaches/Managers/Volunteers to be registered in PlayFootball. Please register here.

It is also a requirement under the Football Queensland Competition Regulations for anyone whom enters the Technical Area to be registered through PlayFootball. Any person that is found to have breached the National Registration Regulations or the Football Queensland Competition Regulations will be dealt with appropriately under the Regulations. Please note that the Club may also be sanctioned under the Regulations should a breach occur.

Field locations

Most divisions play at home and away throughout the season.

§  Playing at home? Click here to see the Briggs Road field map.

§  Playing away? Please search the opposition teams Club website for field allocation.


SportsTG Login (entering results)

Coaches and Managers are responsible for entering match results into the SportsTG system. This must be done after every game then game sheets are to be sent to the relevant people in Football Qld or Football Brisbane and a copy given to the Western Pride Administration. Click here to access the SportsTG system. 

Note: if you didn’t manage last season, login details will be provided by the Club at the start of the season. 


Code of Conduct

All Team Managers are required to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Any breaches of the above code will result in disciplinary action which may include cancellation of your child's registration and exclusion from the club.

Blue card application

The blue card system is a key prevention and monitoring system of people working with children and young people in Queensland.  It aims to minimise the risks of harm to children and young people by contributing to the creation of safe and supportive environments and is founded on the principle that all children have a fundamental right to be protected from harm.

Volunteers need a blue card if their work or practical placement in sport and active recreation includes, or is likely to include, providing services that are directed mainly towards children, or conducting activities that mainly involve children, unless an exemption applies.

At Western Pride FC, we require all Coaches and Managers to hold a Blue Card – even if they are coaching/managing senior teams. 


Apply for your Blue Card here

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